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New technologies can make a huge difference in how cost effective your water treatment program is. Here at Aqua Technologies we strive to present innovative and new technologies for removing free and dissolved hydrocarbons from oilfield produced water.

One such innovation from Aqua Technologies is our unique organoclay product, ET-1 Activated Clay. ET-1 completely removes free hydrocarbons from wastewater, and also removes dissolved hydrocarbons including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX). When used in conjunction with a polishing stage of granular activated carbon, organoclay removes hydrocarbons to levels well below current water quality standards.

Information on this technology and more can be found in these informational pages. Follow the links below to find detailed information on technology, techniques or history of various subjects discussed throughout



Activated Carbon
Active or Activated Clay
Bentonite Clay
Groundwater Remediation
Oil Removal
Organoclay History
Produced Water
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Water Filtration History
Water Reclamation

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