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Aqua Technologies - May 2002 Press Release


Aqua Technologies press releases represented within the website have been either directly release by ATI, or have been released by other organizations in relation to projects using ET-1 Activated Clay. Visit often, as information released in the future will be viewable through this page.





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Removal of Oil, Grease and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

MAY 2002 - Third party testing for a Class 1 Eastern Railroad proves ET-1 Activated Clay to be the best solution for treating oil & grease and TPH. ET-1 Activated Clay, manufactured by Aqua Technologies Inc., was tested against another highly regarded filtration medium.

A mixture of oil and diesel fuel in water equaling 500 parts per million (milligrams per liter), was delivered to containers of equal size, both containing equal amounts of competing filtration medium by weight. Two rounds of testing were performed. The time before breakthrough in total hours was the determining factor of success.

The president of the third party testing company said "the ET-1 product has shown superior oil & grease and TPH removal compared with that of the competitive product. These deductions were based on visual and laboratory analysis". The product exceeded the performance of the competitive product based on analytical data by a factor of 3.5 to 1. Over a ten day testing period, ET-1 Activated Clay provided effluent results less than the testing parameter of 5 ppm.


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