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Aqua Technologies - June 2001 Press Release


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Aqua Technologies Develops Treatment Process

JUNE 2001 -- During the period of December 2000 to June 2001, Aqua Technologies Inc. (ATI) developed a method to clean ethelene glycol and water contaminated with hydrocarbons utilizing ATI’s ET-1 Activated Clay™. The process was developed by ATI and tested at a natural gas compressor station located in Wyoming.

The station was experiencing difficulties with its production due to contamination of glycol within its closed loop system. Literally thousands of gallons of waste glycol were stored on site awaiting a costly disposal.

Seeking an alternative, the station manager contacted Tony Brown, Sr. Vice President, Operations of Aqua Technologies to find a solution to his foaming and emulsification problem. By using the process from Aqua Technologies, thousands of gallons of glycol have been cleaned on site and returned to use. A larger unit has been installed that will use ET-1 Activated Clay™ to continually clean the glycol.

This particular station has no evaporator. However, Aqua Technologies engineers could see the wisdom in creating a system that could not only clean the glycol to its most efficient state, but also drastically reduce, if not eliminate HAP’s or BTEX contaminants from being sent to the evaporator and therefore released to the air. Thus, ATI has created an economically efficient and environmentally friendly way to return saleable free product back to the producer, clean the glycol and the water in the glycol, and to protect the air during glycol water evaporation. There are an estimated 40,000 gas compression/drying stations in the U.S.

For higher volume compressing/drying stations, Aqua Technologies will provide a complete turnkey service. Our idea of turnkey means that we provide service on a long-term contract for fixed rates. Our clients will not pay for the system hardware. We also provide the hardware and a flexible system operation plan that can be staffed by our employees, or a mix of your employees trained to operate our system. ATI will offer glycol treatment systems for sale to lower volume and remote compression/drying stations.


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