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Aqua Technologies - Aug 2001 Press Release


Aqua Technologies press releases represented within the website have been either directly release by ATI, or have been released by other organizations in relation to projects using ET-1 Activated Clay. Visit often, as information released in the future will be viewable through this page.





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Aqua Technologies Treats Over 10 Millions Gallons

AUGUST 2001 -- Aqua Technologies of Wyoming surpassed the 10,000,000 gallon mark for treating produced water at a major oil and gas company facility in the western United States. Our client was unsuccessfully treating their own produced water prior to the installation of our system and technology. Additionally, prior to Aqua Technologies involvement, they were not able to maintain discharge levels to satisfy their permit, resulting in numerous fines for noncompliance.

Aqua Technologies installed and operated a 200 GPM treatment system. We provided continuous complete turnkey out source service with no up front, or hardware capital cost to the client. Our client now has a long term guaranteed fixed cost per barrel of water treated. The treatment system is comprised of a separator along with skid mounted polishing vessels that are powered by Aqua Technologies Inc.’s ET-1 Activated Clay™.

Since installation, our client has enjoyed trouble free operation and has satisfied their discharge permit requirements EVERY TIME. The water is now clean enough to surface discharge into a nearby creek with no danger of harming the environment, or risking noncompliance, due to Aqua Technologies rock solid performance guarantee. In fact Aqua Technologies has reduced the clients overall gross cost per treated barrel dramatically.


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