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ET1 Activated ClayOur unique water treatment product, called ET-1, is a product generally referred to as a polymer modified bentonite or an organoclay. This water treatment material is manufactured by binding an amine polymer onto bentonite clay and drying it in a granular form. The polymer binds to the bentonite's ionic surfaces and converts the clay from a hydratable form to an oil-wet, hydrocarbon adsorbent material ideal for water treatment applications.

When used for water treatment, organoclay is commonly utilized in the upstream sector of the petroleum industry for removing hydrocarbons from refinery process water, but it has seen little use in petroleum production. Many other industries also use it, including shipping and dockside servicing, car washes, and others dealing with an oily wastewater stream. Organoclays have also been tested for treating ground and surface water for other organic chemicals such as PCBs and pesticides.

Field testing and project implementation have consistently revealed that the combination of ET-1 Activated Clay and granular activated carbon effectively removed hydrocarbons from produced water. Treated in field testing revealed specific findings:

In simple terms, ET-1 eliminated hydrocarbon contamination from produced water during the test. Other testing has shown that similar results are consistent in large-scale commercial applications.

Effective Water Treatment with Minimal Cost

Granular AdsorbtionOther laboratory testing of spent ET-1 has shown that BTEX and other volatile hydrocarbons are adsorbed tightly enough for the spent product to pass the EPA’s Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure (TCLP) test and be disposed as a non-hazardous waste. The TCLP is used to identify the presence or absence of toxic chemicals that might be able to leach into groundwater after disposal. This is an amazing accomplishment, given that the product may adsorb up to 88% of its own weight in hydrocarbons or 100% by volume. Being classified as a non-hazardous waste may allow the spent product to be landfilled, land farmed, or otherwise disposed in an economical manner.

Design and Technology Expertise

Not all groundwater or surfacewater is required to be treated, but when it does, the correct selection of conditioning equipment is crucial, requiring an understanding of microbiological and hydrochemical processes. Aqua Technologies provides this expertise, leveraging technology through use of our unique adsorbent medium and the systems specifically designed to maximize it's efficiency.




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