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Versatility in Treatment of Produced Water

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OIl Field ServicesVersatile treatment of produced water is often a critical factor in the economics of gas and oil production. In fact, in a 1996 industry survey, the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) found that the greatest concern of
marginal well operators, other than crude
and gas prices, is the management of produced water. The answer to this concern is inherent within ATI’s contaminant lock technology and it's ability to be easily and inexpensively integrated into existing produced water treatment systems, yielding significant savings in costs.

Ongoing field work has confirmed ET-1’s ability to clean produced water from oilfield and oil well drilling operations. After treatment, produced water yeilded reductions in high concentrations of oil, grease and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels. These oilfield tests showed that the ET-1 product can be used where traditional oil-water separators have had limited success. The product does not absorb hydrocarbons, but rather adsorbs them, which leaves no byproduct from the process. Final polishing with activated carbon reduced residual BTEX levels to below detectable limits.

For offshore installations, ET-1 filtration provides cost effective compliance with the twenty nine ppm discharge limit for oil and grease, allowing overboard disposal and thereby avoiding the high cost of transportation to onshore treatment facilities.

Extending Life Through Versatility

Pre or Post TreatmentAqua Technologies' ET-1 Activated Clay is customarily used in series with, and ahead of, various stages of differing treatment methods. For example, a post treatment polishing stage of granular activated carbon can assist in removing any remaining soluble organics. Bed life of post treatment media is greatly extended because a container of ET-1 will remove threefold more hydrocarbon mass than previous organoclay products (by simple ratio of the active ingredient). It also provides greater protection for activated carbon by completely trapping slugs of oil or gross hydrocarbon contamination and by removing high molecular weight hydrocarbons that would quickly mask granular activated carbon.

Aqua Technologies' ET-1 extends its versatility through the ability to be provided in several sizes and configurations, including:

  • Sizes:
    Size A: >6 mesh (3.5 mm avg. particle size)
    Size B: 6-10 mesh (2.1 mm avg. particle size)
    Size C: 10-20 mesh (0.86 mm avg. particle size)
    Size D: <20 mesh (0.32 mm avg. particle size)
  • Stand-Alone Mode:
    Used on its own, ET-1 Activated Clay can be loaded in canisters for use as an efficient stillbed filtration medium. Other applications include tank cleaning, oil spill mitigation, and lining/capping projects.
  • Pre-Treatment Mode:
    ET-1 Activated Clay can be utilized upstream to enhance the performance and extend the life of other processes and media such as reverse osmosis and activated carbon.
  • Post-Treatment Mode:
    When positioned downstream of oil/h2o separators or coalescers, ET-1 Activated Clay functions as a potent cleaning and polishing agent.




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