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Organoclay Projects and Case Studies


Aqua Technologies of Wyoming has proven itself a leader in the application of organoclay in large scale environmental projects. Located throughout the world, these projects have involved many different aspects of organoclay applications, water treatment, water reclamation and remediation.

Aqua Technologies has extensive experience in the development, manufacture, application and installation of water reclamation systems. In 2004 ATI filled the largest single order of organoclay – 1.2 million pounds - for use as a crucial ingredient in a massive sediment cap project at an EPA Superfund site. ATI is equipped with and has the experience to provide extremely large quantities of organoclay material for large environmental remediation, water reclamation projects or Superfund sites.

Small scale and single-user organoclay applications are also a specialty of Aqua Technologies. We can design a treatment system or provide material to fit any economic scale while still retaining the effectiveness expected from our quality products. Aqua Technologies of Wyoming has has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to provide high quality products and services on time and with minimal cost.

As you browse through a brief history of some of the projects and case studies involving our products, services or design, you will discover that Aqua Technologies has a reputation for providing the highest quality of products and services. Providing crucial design expertise in challenging situations, ATI has proven to be an organization that is key to project success.




Project Overviews

Oil Removal at Wyoming Oil & Natural Gas
Sediment Cap at McCormick and Baxter

Case Studies and Tests

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center
Wyoming Oil & Gas Production
Groundwater Remediation
Laboratory Tests



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