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NPDES Permit Study at Wyoming Gas Field


Case Study at Wyoming Gas Production

The primary goal of these studies was to verify that the technology would allow operators to meet an oil removal NPDES discharge permit limit of 10 mg/L Oil & Grease. Longer field trials and commercial installations are being used to evaluate the ultimate hydrocarbon loading of the media at breakthrough while observing the effectiveness of treatment. It can take months to spend a container of organoclay when the container has been sized according to our recommendations.

This field trial was conducted in May 1997. The operator wished to obtain an NPDES discharge permit for produced water from an injection facility serving a gas field in Wyoming. At the time of the trial, the field produced approximately 200 barrels per day of fresh water (3,500 mg/L TDS) and The same general equipment as used in the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center trial was installed at the facility and operated at approximately 5 gallons per minute. High oil content was present in the influent because the field was still under development and separation equipment at the disposal well was somewhat rudimentary. Influent water was taken from a skimming box containing free oil floating on the surface.

Nevertheless, hydrocarbon content was reduced from 218 mg/L Oil & Grease to less than 4 mg/L for the effluent. Test results are summarized in table 1.

The operator applied for, and received, a discharge permit for this facility on the basis of this data and by specifying this technology in the permit application. Further analysis of the laboratory reports confirmed the adsorption characteristics that were observed at RMOTC.



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