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Our wastewater treatment services leverage the knowledge, experience and technical expertise of Aqua Technologies to ensure we can service the customer the best available wastewater treatment using the highest quality combination of filtration medium and treatment technology.

Aqua Technologies' list of available wastewater treatment services include providing the hardware necessary for treatment of your firm's wastewater stream with no expenditure for hardware. ATI will provide the operation personnel and long-term, fixed-rate, and by-the-gallon treatment contracts. No other firm in the world has matched our guarantee that "you meet the discharge requirements or we pay the fine!"

A typical wastewater treatment service package will consist of 3 adsorbent containers: a primary adsorption vessel containing ET-1 organoclay, a redundant vessel containing a 100% quantity of organoclay, and a polishing container of activated carbon. The final polishing step might be eliminated if BTEX or other soluble organics are not an area of concern. The container volume and shape are determined by two criteria:

  • Fluid residence time of three minutes per vessel.
  • Superficial flow rate of approximately 1.6-2.0 gallons per minute per square ft. (gpm/sq. ft).

The recommended superficial flow rate is conservative and specific installations may permit a substantially higher flow rate. Residence time is based on an intragranular porosity of 34-39%. New installations should be designed to take advantage of upflow adsorption, but existing containers designed for granular activated carbon will probably work for ET-1 without modification.

Meeting or Exceeding Standards -

Meeting water discharge standards can be very complicated and can be a serious liability issue. Standards have become increasingly stringent since the adoption of two major Federal environmental statutes: the Clean Water Act of 1972, which implemented a national system of regulation on the discharge of pollutants; and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, which established standards for drinking water. Industrial facilities sending their water to municipal plants must meet certain minimum standards to ensure that the wastes have been adequately pretreated and will not damage municipal facilities. Municipal water plants also must meet stringent drinking water standards. The list of contaminants regulated by these statutes has grown over time. As a result, technicians must be familiar with the guidelines established by Federal regulations and be aware of any guidelines imposed by the State or locality in which the plant operates. Aqua Technologies of Wyoming is prepared to meet or exceed these regulations - guaranteed.

If you are interested in receiving consultation on your current waste operation needs, please contact us here at Aqua Technologies of Wyoming and we will schedule an evaluation as soon as possible. We also provide system design and integration, hardware, installation, training and ongoing customer contact to ensure optimal solutions for each clients project.




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