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Water quality is of concern to everyone. Of the 326 million cubic miles of water on earth, only about three percent of it is fresh water; and three quarters of that three percent is frozen. The remaining fresh water, less than one percent, is found either underground or above ground in lakes and streams. It is critical that this limited amount of water remains of quality. When one considers that the average human is about seventy percent water and can only survive five or less days without quality water, it is clear that water quality should be of concern to all.

The water quality and environmental implications of ATI’s contaminant lock technology are considerable. Testing under the EPA’s TCLP and LC-50 regimens has confirmed that the saturated product will not leach the adsorbed constituents. ET-1 captures these hazardous liquid contaminants inside a non-hazardous, stable solid that meets these stringent federal guidelines for storage, transportation and disposal.

Aqua Technologies of Wyoming is committed to ongoing research and finds promise in the possibility of bio-regeneration of spent ET-1.

Economic Benefits

The Gas Research Institute in 1995 developed cost thresholds for beneficial use of produced water as an alternative to underground injection. Economic thresholds were approximately $0.20 per barrel for de-oiling (free hydrocarbon removal) only, $0.25 for de-oiling and removal of dissolved organics, and $0.75 to $1.00 for de-oiling, removal of dissolved organics, and partial desalination. Also reported was a treatment cost for granular activated carbon of approximately $0.48 per barrel. Operating data demonstrates that the cost of produced water treatment by Aqua Technologies ET-1 with granular activated carbon is well below these costs.

Disposal of generated byproduct is also a serious economic concern. Since ET-1 adsorbs contaminants, no byproduct is produced. As mentioned previously ET-1 adsorbtion is so tight that Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) tests have been conducted on spent ET-1 organoclay media and the results suggest that spent media may be a non-hazardous waste. This determination allows the possibility of economical disposal options including landfilling or landfarming.

ET-1 is a organoclay media with a life cycle far beyond that capable of granular activated carbon. During one of our case studies granular activated carbon required replacement after only three weeks, while ET-1 lasted as long as 11 months. Life of the media will of course vary in accordance with water production rate and contaminant content. We suggest that the following parameters be used in an economic evaluation:

  • A conservative loading factor of 50% by weight, or 0.5mg hydrocarbon removed per mg of organoclay.
  • Product cost of US $3.00 per pound. ($0.0066 per gram)

When these parameters are combined in the following formula, we arrive at a media cost of approximately $0.0021 per mg/L of hydrocarbon removed per barrel of water:

At Aqua Technologies of Wyoming, we understand that treatment is a cost center for industry, and we are committed to solutions that minimize costs, to help you maximize profits. An ET-1 filtration system will process significantly more than a carbon-only system before breakthrough occurs. This higher loading capacity means less frequent filter changes, saving downtime and labor expenses. The net result is substantially lower operating costs, making ET-1 the right choice for your bottom line.




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