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liquid phase vesselsA typical treatment system for hydrocarbon wastewater, remediation, or glycol consists of a coalescing oil-water separator followed by still bed canisters containing ET-1 Activated Clay. These still bed canisters are plumbed in series and can be followed by other process medium such as activated carbon. Our systems ET-1 Activated Clay treatment system canisters flow in an upward direction to reduce the possibility of channeling and premature breakthrough. Aqua Technologies' standard treatment system’s simple design provides a maximum of free product return and ease of operation and maintenance.

The influent wastewater enters the standard system after passing through an oil/water separator designed for gravity separation of free oils along with settleable solids from wastewater. These wastes accumulate in the separator while the wastewater passes through the effluent transfer pipes to the effluent clearwell. The effluent pump's automatic level controls start and stop the pump at predetermined levels. The effluent is pumped through media that consists of ET-1 Activated Clay and granular activated carbon filters. Oil and grease, total petroleum hydrocarbons, dissolved hydrocarbons, solvents and volatile organic compounds are removed here prior to gravity discharge of the remaining effluent.

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High Shear Treatment Systems

This proprietary process owned and invented by Aqua Technologies of Wyoming is designed to remove complex organic and some inorganic materials from wastewater streams. The high shear process begins by the injection of a metered amount of ETHS-1 and the contaminated water into a mixing vessel. That mixture is then pumped to another slower mixing vessel where flock is introduced. The resulting mixture is then sent through a vertical plate clarifier to drop out the solids. From the clarifier the bulk of the water is sent to the polishing canisters. The residuals and solids from the clarifier is pumped to a plate and frame press where the solids are removed for disposal. The minute amount of liquid contained in the solids is passed through the press and sent to the polishing canisters.

If you require a new design for handling wastewater, or your current design is inadequate in performance, costly to operate, or falls short of current or anticipated regulatory discharge standards, contact Aqua Technologies of Wyoming today. Our staff is available to answer your questions about ET-1 Activated Clay and will evaluate your company’s remediation needs. After evaluation we will recommend a cost effective and appropriate solution to improve both the quality of your wastewater and your profitability.




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