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Providing water filtration through unique technology and the combined power of the 'Solutions Group', Aqua Technologies designs, integrates, and manufactures industrial and municipal water treatment systems for a variety of applications.

Aqua Technologies is the sole manufacturer of a powerful and unique water filtration medium that removes organic contaminants from water to levels below 1 part per million in most applications. This water filtration technology, which is trade named ET-1 Activated Clay, has the ability to remove organic contaminants in a way that is far more cost efficient than any other water filtration technology manufactured by any other company any where in the world today.

The technology behind ET-1 Activated Clay is a sodium bentonite modified to be hydrophobic and selectively oleophilic; essentially repelling water and seeking organics. A pure modified clay, not blended with anthracite coal or other fillers like other filtration media, ET-1 is designed for use in liquid phase filtration vessels. Functioning on the principle of adsorption through Ionic Bonding, ET-1 encapsulates organic molecules, trapping them in the platelets of the clay through this attraction.

In layman terms, contaminants are attracted to the Activated Clay in a similar way that a magnet attracts steel. There is no actual exchange, where one particle is substituted for another. Each particle of clay and contaminant simply infinitely wrestle for possession of the other. This strong attraction removes the contaminant particle from the water and will not release it into the water or onto any substrate.

ET-1 Technology Profile:

  • High loading factor, much higher than carbon or anthracite.
  • The most efficient and economical technology for removal of organics to levels less than 1ppm.
  • Functions as a primary treatment medium, and can be used in conjunction with other process media, pending application.
  • Can be Bioremediated in place without changing the filter, providing multiple usage, and unmatched economics.
  • Such loading and Bioremediation equals the only system in the world that produces zero discharges.


Water Filtration and Treatment Expertise

Water supplies may be contaminated by many sources. From large scale industrial fuel or oil spills to hazardous household wastes, septic systems or landfills, water contamination ranges from millons of gallons to small spills of lawn and garden chemicals. Regardless of the circumstances, it is wise to remember that some dangerous contaminants in water are not easy to detect. Accurate testing is needed to determine safety, quality, and identify the correct need for treatment equipment. Treatment can reduce contaminates such as sediment, calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfate, nitrates, arsenic, lead, or others. Treatment produces a clearer, safer, better tasting, and better smelling water, better suited for use.

Proper design and implementation of a treatment system is a process best left for the professionals. Here at Aqua Technologies we hear all too often about inappropriate or oversized conditioning systems purchased and installed by do-it-yourself owners or sold by eager salespeople who frequently don't know the first thing about basic liquid chemistry or microbiology. Correct selection of conditioning equipment requires an understanding of microbiological and hydrochemical processes.

Aqua Technologies can provide the expert personnel, equipment and technology needed for cost efficient treatment specially designed to deliver the unique performance that ET-1 Activated Clay provides. To learn more, visit the product and service links here at aqautechnologies.com.




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